“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Oscar Wilde (Rowan’s favourite quote)


“It is widely acknowledged that concussion related injury and death is a serious threat to Ontario’s athletes.  I am grateful that MPP’s in all parties have indicated support for Rowan’s Law”

Lisa MacLeod, MPP


“We all have a responsibility to ensure that we do everything possible to protect our players, their well-being and ensure that the game is played safely.  The health and safety of our players is paramount and Rugby Canada continues to work daily to ensure our players are playing in a safe environment.  The principles of this initiative strive to bring education and concussion protocols to youth sports and ensure that the safety of the players is preeminent.  Rugby Canada works in conjunction with World Rugby and their concussion protocols to make rugby a globally safe sport.”  

Jim Dixon
General Manager, Rugby Operations & Performance
Rugby Canada


“Rugby Ontario is dedicated to providing the safest possible playing environment for all participants. We support the implementation of concussion standards and protocols which will assist in protecting all youngsters playing sport in our Province.”

Rugby Ontario CEO Andrew Backer


“It’s time that we start protecting our young athletes from the dangers of improper concussion management. We need to educate athletes, parents, coaches and teachers on the importance of pre-concussion testing, proper concussion management and safer return to sport.”

Ashley Powers and Dr. Sarah Cohen
Certified Complete Concussion Management Providers
Owners of Dynamic Physiotherapy and Chiropractic


As a retired career teacher and Physical Education specialist I know the importance of educating youth to the potential dangers in sports.  Working annually with athletes in 65 different sports with the Ottawa Sports Awards, we know the need for concussion awareness and the benefits of baseline studies for all young athletes in contact sports.

Rowan’s Law will provide the means to inform, educate and regulate knowledge and procedures associated with concussions and concussion awareness.”

Bob Wilson
Director, Ottawa Sports Awards
Advisor, 2015 Canadian Little League Baseball Championship


“As a player and coach of various sports throughout my life, I know first-hand that injuries happen and that it can be difficult to identify the signs and symptoms of concussions. Rowan’s Law is imperative to making sport safer by providing vital education and awareness about concussions and preventative measures around returning to play for all involved in sport. Barrhaven Scottish RFC requests your support to make this Law a reality, in Rowan’s name.”  

Barbara Gillie
President, Barrrhaven Scottish RFC


“Rugby is a great sport. Rowan’s Law can have a great impact on making our sport stronger, safer, wiser. The EORU encourages everyone in and around the rugby community to support this initiative, and to support a safer way to keep our sport great.”

President, Eastern Ontario Rugby Union


“I became a doctor because I wanted to help people. I became a brain and spinal surgeon. I realized that trauma often caused such severe damage to the brain and spinal cord that I could not put the pieces back together. I was frustrated that I could repair skull or spinal fractures, but not the severely injured brain or spinal cord.

I learned that prevention is the only cure”

Dr. Charles Tator MD, PhD, FRCSC, FACS, Member of the Order of Canada



“The Ontario Brain Injury Association lends its full support behind the Rowan’s Law Bill on protecting our children and youth regarding concussions.  Providing education to athletes, coaches and parents is paramount.  Bringing understanding and awareness to the seriousness of concussions and the potential consequences after injury needs to be brought to the forefront. We want our children and youth to play but safely and only return to learn and play when appropriate strategies are in place. Something has to be done so that no family has to go through what the Stringer’s have experienced with the loss of Rowan.  By supporting the Rowan’s Law Bill you are helping to protect our children.”

Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA)


“The introduction of this bill moves Ontario closer to implementing the Inquest recommendations made after investigating the tragic death of Rowan Stringer. Parachute looks forward to working with all parties on the importance of concussion education and awareness. By working together, we can prevent injury and save lives.”

Louise Logan, President & CEO of Parachute Canada


“Rowan’s law will help communicate to those in charge of student-athletes the seriousness of concussions and the need to insure that proper assessment and treatment is provided.  It will also motivate parents, teachers and athletic organizations, to utilize the latest inexpensive technologies to track, monitor, assess and treat Concussions properly.  This law will help ensure that future tragedies are prevented by encouraging access to new techniques, like inexpensive brain scans.    I applaud the courage and work of Nepean-Carleton Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod in bringing this legislation to fruition.” 

Dr. Henry J. Svec, Psychologist, Founder of Dr. Svec Rehabilitation Clinics


Our MPPs, Lisa MacLeod, John Fraser and Catherine Fife, are to be commended for taking on this initiative that this will make a difference to all involved in sport in the long run. The scope and mandate of their committee will deal with a difficult but important issue, and I am confident that they give full consideration to injury prevention and not just focus on injury management.

Susan L. Forbes, PhD, 

Adjunct Professor, Department of Women’s Studies and School of Kinesiology, Lakehead University