(Queen’s Park) – Canada will have its first concussion legislation in the name of a 17 year old Rugby player who died from Second Impact Syndrome caused by multiple concussions, says Nepean-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod. The Ontario Legislature will pass Rowan’s Law, named for Rowan Stringer, on Tuesday, June 7th.

A year from the time Stringer’s parents first approached their local MPP, MacLeod, the bill which is co-sponsored by MPP’s Catherine Fife and John Fraser, received Unanimous Consent in a rare move that will pass an Opposition Private Members Bill before the end of the Spring Session.

“This is a remarkable moment for the Stringer family and the entire Rowan’s Team we’ve assembled that includes the Barrhaven Scottish Rugby Club, former NHLer Eric Lindros and world renowned brain injury experts Dr. Charles Tator and Dr. Michael Strong. Rowan’s Law is the first of its kind in Canada and from day one has enjoyed impressive momentum because everyone recognizes we need to do more to deal with concussions. This is the highlight of my career”, said MacLeod.

Stringers parents added, “We are overjoyed that the members in the Ontario Legislature have come together in the spirit of cooperation and non-partisanship to move Rowan’s Law forward. From the beginning of this process it has been important for our family that this cooperative spirit be maintained as it reflects on how Rowan herself approached life. We are pleased also that the Legislature recognizes the importance of this Bill to the health and safety of children and families in Ontario, and that Ontario will be showing such leadership on the issue of concussions in Canada.”

“June 7th will be a special day,” continued MacLeod. “Queen’s Park is making real change in the way concussions are identified, treated and hopefully researched in the future. I’m proud to have had a part in this.”


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